Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Local is lekker - Proudly South African

Fashion by Miss Rich is Proudly South African fashion, manufacturing and sourcing everything locally, in order to support the local economy and help create jobs in the country.  Everyone always turns to overseas for fashion.  Why, when we have such brilliant local designers producing unbelievable fashion right at our fingertips."About 160000 jobs have been lost in the industry since 1996, the height of employment in the industry." said South African Textile Workers Union researcher Simon Eppel.  

With a lot of our mills being put out of business from the cheaper Chinese fabrics coming in, we need to strengthen our mills so we don't have to purchase our raw materials from abroad.   supporting local designers, mills, and the manufacturing sector will not only help improve local competitiveness, but would go a long way toward developing new enterprises and boosting existing ones.We should think about producing locally and support the initiative of buying local, as "local is lekker!!"

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