Friday, 17 January 2014


Don't be afraid to update your look with a bold necklace or elaborate cocktail ring.  Take your pick from our best jewellery pieces.

1. Leaf cuff, R149, Utopia at
2. Collar necklace, R299.99, Majique at
3. Earrings, R49.99 for pack of three,
4. Link bracelet, R169, Forever New
5. Cocktail ring, R79, Asch at
6. Cuff, R99.95, Woolworths
7. Statement necklace, R110, Truworths
8. Drop earrings, R79.95, Woolworths
9. Neon necklace, R69.99,
10. Collar necklace, R139, Lily and Rose at
11. Midi jewel rings, R99, Topshop
12. Jewel cuff, R39.99,
13. Block ring, R69.95, Woolworths
14. Collar neckpiece, R549, Topshop
15. Bright earrings, R270, Utique
16. Metal plate necklace, R120, Woolworths
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