For Autumn Winter 2014-15, we explore the top 10 colours.  Colours reflect a passionate mood with rich berry colours, from raspberry to deep wine. Browns provide a grounding base this season with timber hues and quiet taupes. Mossy greens and golden mustards add warm radiance, while icy teals usher in a cold, arctic breeze.

Crimson sets a darker mood for the season with deeper casts of red, offering the most dramatic take on red this season.

Cranberry presents a warm and bright cast of red, which serves as a lighter alternative to wine.

 Set to blue-green undertones, teal adds diversity to a line-up of jewel colours.

Set to either purple or blue undertones, vibrant casts of orchid become the purple hue of the season.

Honey mustard is the most season-appropriate yellow hue with golden casts.

Although orange isn't quite as powerful as its been in recent seasons, the major expression this season becomes a bright, saturated blood orange with red undertones. Featured especially in New York and London collections, the hue remains a must on head-to-toe looks and is often leveraged with sport reference.

Cobalt pushes forward as a seasonal must-have across all major runway cities. The bright and sometimes electric jolt of colour has proven to be a commercial hit that remains relevant.

Although not a widespread base colour, toffee offers variation from camel tones with golden brown undertones.

Dusty rose offers a more subdued alternative to pastel shades.

Warm casts of peachy nude move forward from last season, becoming an easy-to-wear soft neutral.

A Complete women's colour reports for Fall/Winter 14/15 to follow.
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Trend: Leather Jackets and Ways to Style them

The leather jacket is one of my favorite, and fortunately for us, it is back in style! The leather jacket is a must-have fashionable piece for every women’s wardrobe.

Fortunately, the trend does not discriminate according to one's budget! There are plenty of fantastic leather (or faux leather) jackets available in every price range. If you are just getting acquainted with the style, I suggest starting with an inexpensive yet luxe looking option; a black quilted version reminiscent of Chanel will work with anything, as will a brown leather jacket with a shearling collar. For a fun twist, try a traditional biker jacket in a daring shade of red.  

Wear your leather jacket with shorts and ankle booties, or with skinny pants and a crop top. Playing with proportions can make you look slimmer. Even better, if you own a cropped jacket to pair with a long tee and leggings. Try different combinations of skirts, cropped pants, and oversized sweaters as one of the ways to wear your leather jacket.

Wear a pretty dress under your leather jacket for a sweet and sultry look. Wearing it over a feminine piece makes it look unexpected, but put together. Pair it with a maxi dress for a chic update to an existing piece, or wear with a short lace dress for the ultimate sexy leather and lace combo.

Adding pieces that have texture like silk scarves, knit dresses, and chunky jewelry are a trendy way to add something extra to your leather. If you want an edgy look, try a cute turban, a studded tee, or layer all of your jewelry! Mixing textures is a beautiful way to make your ensemble look interesting and stylish.

Wearing your favorite LBD with your leather jacket is a win-win! There is nothing more stylish and classic than these two pieces together for an occasion or just for casual happy hour. If you have a different colour leather jacket, please adorn over all black!

Wear with your leather jacket to make it more low key, but still fun and brave. Leopard print, stripes, and florals are also chic and stunning with leather.

One of the hottest trends is leather on leather. Leather pants, skirts, and shorts can definitely be a strong statement in an elegant way. The trick to wearing all leather is to break it up with textures, colour, and proportions. You can also wear this trend in different colour leather, like a wine coloured jacket with black leather leggings.

Leather jackets are timeless and can be worn in three seasons of the year. In spring and autumn you can put a leather jacket over a light blouse or floral dress, while in winter they are great as layering pieces. If you don’t  have one, now it’s the perfect time to buy it. Look at the photos below and maybe you will get inspired to add a leather jacket to your outfit!

 Do you like this trend? how do you wear the leather jacket trend? tell us by leaving a comment below.
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Trend: printed pants and Ways to Style them.

There is no denying that the printed pants trend is far from over. From the runways to the streets, these fabulously fresh pants have claimed their place amongst the hottest trends of the year.  Print pants are everywhere, as you've probably seen in store.  Even the most stylish girls can get tripped up on a trend from time to time.  I remember a sort of panic setting in the first time I saw patterned denim pop up at stores. Patterned tops or dresses are one thing, but pants?! I mean, we all just got used to wearing brightly coloured jeans!

Fun ikat prints, bright springy florals, and geometric prints are all examples of patterns you'll see this season. I can't resist the bold patterns and playful colours but it can be challenging to figure out how to wear print pants without looking like a bad '80s flashback. 

Sometimes, it’s cool to give your denim a rest and go for something a bit bolder.
If bold patterns aren’t your thing, you can still participate by looking for bottoms with subtle details, like tiny polka dots, pinstripes, or tie-dyed designs

With a denim shirt,  this is easily one of the most current, on-trend pairings for print pants. Denim is a neutral that will go with almost any print and lends a casual, I'm-not-trying-too-hard feel to your ensemble.

With soft neutrals - Sometimes a bold print pant just begs to be paired with soft, subtle neutrals.

Leggings aren’t pants! always pair your printed leggings with a tunic or a simple dress that covers your butt. You don’t want to leave yourself vulnerable to ridicule or an embarrassing camel-toe situation! if a pair of jeggings is thin enough to show the seam of a regular pair of underwear, I stick with bum-covering top options.

They go well with every body type; you just need to pick the right silhouette, which flatters your figure.  For example if you are bottom-heavy, it would be wise to pick up something with tighter prints in darker colours. It will enhance your body type.

Pick a particular colour from the print and wear a top of that colour – of course it needs to be plain but you can experiment with different cuts, styles and fabrics.

To make it look even more stylish you could always throw on a blazer or a jacket (neutral coloured); it gives it a much-polished look.

Pump heels go amazingly well with printed bottoms; it certainly adds sophistication to the overall ensemble. You can also play around with the colours of your footwear.

what you do you think of the printed pant trend? how do you wear yours? tell us by leaving a comment.
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Get more mileage from your denim by giving an old favourite a face-lift!

You will need:
1. A shirt, jacket or waistcoat of your choice
2. Embellishments – stones, crystals, beads, anything that inspires your inner magpie
3. Fabric glue

diy denim

What to do:
Whether it’s a cuff, collar or pocket – the first thing to do is to identify where you want to add your embellishments.
Firstly, prep the area with a coat of glue (denim is quite absorbent so this will ensure your embellishments wont fall off).
diy denim

Apply your chosen embellishment (we used pearls) one by one, adding a small blob of glue behind each one.
Wipe off any excess glue, place your garment on a flat surface and allow the glue to dry overnight.
Voila! A new distinguished, detailed denim piece in your wardrobe.
diy denim

Want more DIY tips? Save cash and give an old pair of jeans a bleach effect or acid wash – these effects ruled the runway this season and are an instant update for tired denims.
Do you have any DIY denim ideas? Tell us by leaving a comment below!
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