Trending: Tropical Prints Get a Serious Upgrade

I'm crazy about the island-print trend—it's just so fun! The bright patterns and colours let you take a journey without leaving your hometown. But remember, a little goes a long way, so choose one tropical piece and keep everything else simple.

Tropical prints are everywhere this season. Vibrant hues and lush blooms instantly transport you to a style paradise, and this easy, breezy trend works just as well in the boardroom as it does on the beach.

Pattern Play. It's all in the pattern. Look for palm leaves, snakeskin, ikat, tie-dye, and tropical birds on everything from gauzy tunics to silk scarves.

Live Colourfully. (Pastels included.) In muted shades or rich tones, these are prints that deserve to stand out. Think deep emerald greens and cobalt blues, cherry reds and poppy corals, and splashes of yellow, aqua, and violet. Colour-shy? Pair with understated neutrals like olive green, khaki, black, and white. Throw in a metallic bag or sandal, and you're ready for a taste of island life.  

Material Girl. Try combining textures for a chic look. I often stack thin gold bracelets between wooden bangles and love mixing linen, silk, and chambray. Leather accents in a crossbody or gladiator sandal will take you from land to shore in an instant. 

You can dress like you're on vacation without even having to leave your house. Whether you opt for a palm tree printed pair of hot pants or a Hawaiian bandeau, you'll definitely look the part of tropical paradise.
Take these prints from day to night with some hip jewelry and hair accessories. Dress like the best day tripper by mixing prints and layering. Do not be afraid to throw a bunch of random prints together to make a crazy outfit... the crazier the better! 


What's your favorite print this season? Share your must-haves in the Comments section below!
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Jelly shoes are back... I can't believe this shoe trend is back, i personally don't like the traditional jelly shoe, but shoe designers have taken the trend to the next level! 

Jelly shoes seem all the rage for 2014.  I remember back in the 90s rocking these shoes, and they seem to be making a big come back, with some of the top shoe designs like Christian Louboutin's Spring 2014 collection.

So what do we love so much about jelly shoes? I suppose my main interest in them is that ability to evoke a certain nostalgia, many girls my age have commented on the trend remembering owning pairs of plastic sandals at the age of four or five.  

They're also an attractive avenue because they are a cheap alternative from leather platform sandals, can be worn with vibrant and colourful socks and allow the feet to breath in what is often hot summer air. So you can buy a few pairs without breaking the bank and enjoy vibrant coloured shoes on your feet suitable for adventures in the city, going to the park and long walks on the beach.

It may seem strange to some people that anyone would make sandals in clear, see-through plastic but the beauty in this idea is opening a world of opportunities, with so many great versions in the shops how can you not like it.

What do you think: will you flash back to your childhood in jelly sandals this summer?

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Knee high socks: women’s fashion trend

One of the most flattering, fashionable, and most definitely practical fall/winter trends is the knee-high sock phenomenon. I am head-over-heels for them! 

This is perfect timing for the winter because longer socks keep your legs and feet much warmer. Be brave and get some knee high socks so that you stand out this winter. Getting the right fit is very important as the correct size can really enhance your legs. 

Knee socks have become very popular in past two years and till now they have their own place in newest trends. Socks are bold, funky and sexy and that’s why they are so popular among true fashionistas. If you also want to look as hot and sexy as models on the catwalk, check out this trend alert and make sure you keep in mind some tips how to wear them. 

Here are some of my favorite ways to wear knee high socks.

  • In replacement of tights with skirts, shorts, and mini dresses (pictured above)
  • Over leggings for extra warmth
  • Scrunched down as slouchy socks with ankle boots
  • With open-toed heels, pumps, and thigh high boots

With sheer tights underneath

This is probably the all-time favorite knee sock look. The extra layer of fabric gives your legs extra warmth, but it still looks cute with anything you plan on wearing, dressy or casual.  Wear this duo with a tighter skirt, loose flowy top, and ankle boots. Definitely my go-to for fall and winter dinners. 




With shorts

In the spring, pair our knee socks with shorts and boots or even little sneakers. This look is perfect for those days when it’s not quite warm enough out for shorts yet, but you’ve been waiting all winter and just can’t help yourself.

Scrunched down with knee high or over-the-knee boots

I love high boots with a hint of sock peaking out the top. Opt for a sock that matches your boots for something more neutral, or make a statement with bright or patterned socks.



With ankle booties

Whether flat or high-heeled, ankle booties and knee-high socks are a match made in accessory heaven. This combo goes with just about everything, adding a garter to the top of the socks is great if they’re slipping down.


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