Fashion Trend For Spring Summer 2014: VOLUMINOUS SKIRTS (MIDI & MAXI FULL SKIRTS)

TREND ALERT - Voluminous midi and maxi skirts, add a modern twist to a classic silhouette this coming Spring / Summer. The voluminous ladylike silhouette is here to stay.  The full skirt, which comes in different volumes, formal silhouette and various lengths. If you need more drama in your outfit without going avant-garde, this skirt is the solution.

What makes a skirt a midi is length. It can be flared or fitted it really doesn’t matter; length is truly the determining factor. A midi skirt is one that runs below the knee to mid-calf. It is usually made with a higher waist line and compliments almost all body types and that is why it is such a popular trend.  Max skirts obviously go all the way to the floor.

FULL MIDI SKIRTS are massive this season, urging us all to channel our fairy-tale-meets-Grace-Kelly persona. Whether in toned down hues or bold neon shades, prints or patterns these full shapes make us all look like retro dolls in a very modern sophisticated way. 

If you have not channelled a voluminous, calf-grazing skirt before, this summer you have no more excuses to postpone such a fashion moment. The skirt style feels utterly formal, but it is actually easier to wear than you might think.  It's easy to assume that the full midi is strictly for evenings, but good old street style proves that to be very wrong. 
here are my tips on wearing the Voluminous skirt:

Pair with a simple T-shirt for day if it's a skirt (probably our favourite look) and don't be afraid to try out flats - it really does work, even if you're on the shorter side.

While you can wear almost anything with it, we've seen enough of the voluminous skirt and cropped top pairing that we consider it the perfect combination.  

Something fitted will help tone down the volume of your silhouette. It will also emphasize your waist or create one if you are lacking in that department.

This is one trend that also knows no seasonal barriers. In darker colours and heavier fabrics like denim and leather, it's perfect for chilly weather too. Just add a cosy knit, scarf and a pair of heeled boots.

From floor length, tea-length, to short once paired with a crop top, tank top and/or blazer,  instantly gives you a cool summer lady-like vibe. Below are some funky ways to style your voluminous skirt this season, be inspired!

What do you think ladies? do you like this trend? will you be trying it out this Spring / Summer?
let us know by leaving a comment.
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Fashion Trend For Spring Summer 2014: SPORTY CHIC

One of the biggest looks for spring 2014 is sporty chic or luxe sport trend.  Sports Luxe is one such trend that has gained momentum in the past few seasons, with top designers showing strong sports inspired SS14 collections.  It is another fashion favourite that does the rounds. It’s not hard to see why. Sports-inspired clothing can be flexible, flattering and, unusually for fashion, comfy.

Sports Luxe is about the comfort and functionality of sportswear using plush fabrics like silks, jacquards, brocades, organzas and velvets. Often embellished with intricate embroideries – like the tigers seen at Pucci, in shimmering lurex materials as seen at Gucci, sequinned with bold numbers, laser cut panels, experimental embroideries, fashion forward pastels, it’s evident that sportswear has indeed received the royal fashion treatment. Think sporty silhouettes meeting luxurious fabrics – a match made in fashion heaven!

here are my tips on wearing the trend:

The sporty-chic trend is all about a combination of sporty pieces like a baseball hat, a varsity jacket or even sneakers with other chic pieces like an LBD, a pair of leather trousers or cropped top. It’s a beautiful marriage of the sport and style world.

Make sure your Chic is more than your Sport - When pulling off the sporty-chic trend, it is important to wear more chic pieces than sporty pieces. If you have an overdose of sporty pieces, your look would be off balance and then you might as well head to the gym since you’re dressed for it.

Shirts with numbers or crests are very sporty - Not in the mood for a varsity jacket, that’s fine. A simple top, sweater or blazer with numbers or crests can go a long way in making you sporty-chic look work for you.

You can never go wrong with a cap - The one sure thing we know about sporty-chic looks is that you cannot go wrong with a cap. The cap in sports is equal to the black pants, it goes with almost anything. You can decide to mix it up with a different colour or go casual in a regular black, white or grey cap.

Wear form fitting track pants - When it comes to rocking your sporty-chic trends with track pants, it is better to go with a slim fit. The slim fit gives you a more flattering look and makes them look more chic than sporty.

Do you like this trend? will you be trying it out the Spring / Summer?
How do you wear the trend?  let us know by leaving a comment.

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