Winter trend - Faux fur scarf

Scarves keep me warm but faux fur scarves keep me even warmer :) And I can’t get enough of them. For me the main purpose of a scarf is to keep me warm. The second one is a great and good looking accessory.

It is no surprise that faux fur is trendy this winter season.  It is the less cruel but still a stylish alternative to wearing real fur.  As usual, we can find this fabric being part of coats, jackets, even purses… However, this year’s must have has been faux fur scarves.

Wearing faux fur doesn't have to be a huge undertaking. Replace your everyday scarf or collar with a fun faux fur option, and find out how easy it is to fake it. If you have a chilly office, you'll be glad you tried this look. Faux fur comes in many textures, colours, and prints, and adds fun flair to any type of outfit.

When choosing a fur scarf, choose a colour that would go with everything and add a waist belt for extra style! 

My must haves:

Faux fur scarves are one of this year's biggest trends and have been seen everywhere from the hottest catwalks to the biggest blogs. Now you can get the look and add a touch of glamour to any outfit, Shop my picks for the chicest faux fur scarves to try this season. 

1.  Country Road Block Faux Fur Scarf R 899.00  
2.  Stuido.W Faux Fur Scarf R 220.00 
3.  Mr Price fuax fur snood R89.99
4.  Country Road Belted Faux Fur Scarf R 1,249.00 
6.  Helen Moore Silver Fox Faux Fur Tippet Scarf

Scroll through for great ways to wear your faux fur scarves, and a few tips to keep you looking fabulous. Use these outfits as inspiration to wear your faux fur scarves with confidence.

Do you like the faux fur trend? Do you own a faux fur scarf? How do you style yours?
let us know by leaving a comment below.

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Hot Colour Combo: Emerald + Cobalt

There is something about emerald green and cobalt blue that makes me happy. They are colours that can be worn all year round and they look good on anyone and any skin tone. Many people are wary about wearing green with blue, but i love the idea of pairing emerald with a cool cobalt blue for a bold and fashion-forward look.

Tip: When putting together your own colour combination, look for pieces that are easy to wear and that you feel confident in, but don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone with colour choices

Need some outfit ideas before you rock this colour combo? Simply scroll on down to check out stylish outfits featuring cobalt and emerald:


What do you think?

Would you ever wear emerald and cobalt together? What do you think of these outfits? Which one is your favorite? How would you wear these colours together? What other colour combos would you like to see featured here? Remember to leave a comment below and let me know what you think!
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Cuff it - like a pro! (How To)

It’s certainly nothing new.  Women have been rolling their jeans for decades with various levels of style success.  That said, cuffed jeans have made a recent return as celebrities and fashionistas everywhere are rolling up and walking out in style. Perfecting the cuff gives your wardrobe a whole new voice and has the power to completely change a look if done correctly.

ANY jeans style can be cuffed. In as many rolls or folds as you wish. It goes with ANY shoe style. ANY outfit. Any occasion. Any age. Any sex. It’s fantastic. 

Whether it’s to modify the length or because you genuinely like the look, cuffing your pants is just one of those things you do without thinking. But of course, there’s more than one way to cuff. We break down in ways you could rock this trend.

The simple one-fold cuff
Minimal and cute, the one-fold cuff looks great with flat shoes of all sorts, especially loafers, booties and ballet flats.
The extra-long one-fold cuffAn elongated version of the original one-fold cuff, try this style with chunky heels or strappy platform sandals.

The bulky triple cuff
Cuff  three or even four times to get them up to almost capri length. I especially like this cuff with heeled booties and combat boots. 

The "I don't care" roll cuffBeachy and easy, the "I don't care" roll cuff is essentially what happens when you just roughly roll up your pants without creating defined folds.  Pair this cuff with sneakers, flip flops, basic oxfords and a casual top.

1.  Not all styles of pants should be cuffed - Any jean with a flared leg should be left as is, whereas skinny’s, straight legs, and boot cuts can be stylishly cuffed.
2.  Avoid knotting strappy sandals over the cuffs of your denim. This look is strange and sloppy. Instead, save your strappy sandals for shorts, skirts or - if you must pair them with pants - Capris.
3.  Don't re-cuff your pre-cuffed jeans, as this will lead to an excessively bulky look. If they are too long, and you bought them cuffed, you can bring them to the tailor to be fixed. The tailor will be able to detach the bottom portion and then reattach it to the shortened jean.
I encourage everyone to try cuffing their favorite jeans for a fresh, updated look. Updating your style can be easy and doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, cuffing is a perfect example of this.


Scroll through for some looks to inspire

Did i miss any specialty cuffs? how do you cuff your pants? is this something you will try? tell us by leaving a comment.

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Culottes - wear them Like a Fashion Pro

If you love the midi skirt trend, here’s an alternative! Culottes have made it back to the future and i'm loving how they have been modernized. They’re comfortable, versatile, and somehow make lady-like feel edgy. In many ways, they achieve what jumpsuits or rompers do by mimicking a dress or skirt with all the practicality of a pant.

As one can imagine, there are numerous ways in styling this look; ranging from super casual to chic to smart casual, and so I recommend letting your imaginations run wild! Not sure where to start? These basic guidelines below should help!

When shopping for culottes, keep these tips in mind:
  • They are generally high-waisted, so they should fit snugly around the waist to really accentuate it
  • Buy your first couple of pairs in classic colours that will pair with most of what you have in your closet
  • Go for a clean, simple style that’s not too voluminous at first—so you can get used to the look
  • If you’re bothered by the length, add a heel then look again
  • Pair with a fitted top that is comfortable and hits the waistband so you balance out the look and show off your assets
Still a little wary? Need some help envisioning how you’ll wear your new culottes? We’ve got you covered.

1.   Think of them as you would an A-line skirt when going about styling them (tucking in a    blouse, for example, or choosing a high-waist pair and adding a crop top), and stick to basic colours like black, navy, and off-white to get yourself started. Before you know it, you’ll be living in culottes and experimenting with fun prints and colours, but this is the best way to start.

2.  midcalf is the best place for your culottes to fall on your legs.  Which will give the appearance of wearing a fun swingy skirt. If you’re on the petite side, opt for a pair that falls right below the knee, and tailor them if you need to.

3.  Arguably the whole point of culottes is getting to show off your shoes. Sleek ladylike options (you really can’t go wrong with a pair of pointy toe pumps with a slim heel) work best, and will instantly elongate your shape. For advanced culottes wearers, think of the pants as your carte blanche to go to town with more daring options like a thick-heeled platform or fun booties.

4.  Culottes are most definitely not just a summer staple.  Wear them with stalking peeking out, a blazer and a scarf for those slightly chilly days, or even with boots, which will give the illusion that you are wearing a continuous pair of pants.


Whether wide, cropped, or ankle length —there is a culotte out there for every taste. Shop my picks for the chicest culottes to try this season.

1.  Spree Culottes Cobalt STYLE REPUBLIC R365
2.  Spree Printed Culotte Neutral STYLE REPUBLIC R335
3.  WOOLWORTHS Culotte Trousers R 399.00  
4.  MR P OAKRIDGE culotte R119.99


Scroll through for great ways to wear your culottes.

I’d love to know how you like to wear your culottes or if you have any questions, so feel free to leave a comment below.

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