Tuesday, 1 December 2015


I’m so glad fringe is trendy right now — it’s so pretty, and can add so much style to an outfit. It has proven to be particularly popular on the runways and the streets and it appears to be enjoying a bit of a come back in 2015.  There is fringing in all shapes and forms from the classic boho inspired leather and suede jackets to the flapper-inspired dresses complete with fringe hems. You can find fringes on maxi skirts to dresses, to accessories, tops and even shoes.  This trend can actually be tricky to pull off, and there is a fine-line between looking stylish and costumey, and too thick can look a bit too western. 

If you aren't so big on this trend, you can start small.   Accessories are a more conservative way to wear this trend, without sacrificing your level of comfort.  e.g a fringed handbag (it is the easiest of them all, you can carry a fringe bag all day long.  Rock it with a casual dress or add a casual spin to a more formal outfit), or fringed pair of shoes or sandals or by pairing your fringe piece with anything modern or minimalist.   It is an incredible way to add a little texture and spunk to your look.   

A biker jacket which features a line of fringe under the arms or across the back is a simple way to work this trend that is still so wearable.  A fringe skirt is another simple way to give this look a go, and it become easier to wear when teamed with a classic shirt and simple accessories - let the skirt be the focal point of the ensemble.  This season there are so many fringe options on offer that you're bound to find a fringe style to suit your personal style and will go well with other items in your wardrobe. 

What I love most about fringe is that you can be a little minimal or pile it on. To help inspire you, here’s a roundup of the trendiest fringe on the web, to get you wearing them it with confidence.

Found on whatthechung.com

Found on aelida.com

  Found on thezoereport.com
Found on shop.nordstrom.com

Found on ifchic.com

            Kylie Jenner Wears a Fringed Belt

Found on justthedesign.com

Found on lyst.com

Found on fashion.allwomenstalk.com

What do you think of the fringe trend guys?To fringe or not to fringe?
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