Tropical prints in your home


I'm excited to be writing my first home post :) I love interior design, and I think by adding a touch of the tropics to your home for summer with beautiful tropical prints is a great way to get started.  From large houseplants to the more tropical and exotic, this trend can easily be brought into your wardrobe or home.  Use these prints in your rooms, from accent walls to covering the entire space.  If you want to try this trend, but just don't want to commit to wearing it, you can always freshen up your home decor with a few tropical printed pieces.

Tropical plants paired with white decor is really distinctive and can transform your room into an exotic paradise. By adding real, live plants into your home you will create a better atmosphere and add rich colour. 

Add some summery colour to your living room with this palm print cushion or canvas tropical leaf prints, are a perfect way to update a room and make it feel more current without spending a lot of money.

For maximum impact, consider covering a large piece of furniture in a statement fabric, like a couch or carpet.  If you aren’t feeling too daring, accessorise with bowls of exotic fruit or incorporate large fake flowers can add a touch of the tropics without the commitment.

Tropical prints in your home

Pacific Coast green light
3 295 ZAR -

Pier 1 Imports outdoor garden decor
2 300 ZAR -

TradeMark outdoor garden decor
1 165 ZAR -

Outdoor garden furniture
605 ZAR -

Blue home decor
5 020 ZAR -

Motivational poster
920 ZAR -

Battery wall clock
430 ZAR -

Tropical home decor

Society Social banana leaf furniture
17 240 ZAR -

So here are several cool ideas on how you can use them, if you want to create a tropical oasis in  your home:


I hope you enjoyed this post

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Printed shorts for Summer

                                                    OUTFIT STYLING

Today I’m styling printed shorts. I’m usually a solids kind of girl, but sometimes it’s fun to mix it up with a print.  Printed and patterned shorts are simply fun and wearing solid colour shorts is easy – all you need is a cute top and a nice pair of sandals. 

For a safe yet stylish look, wear a tank top or crop top with your printed shorts. A white, black, or beige top are perfect choices, although picking any of the colours in your shorts will work as well.

If you want a simple choice when it comes to what to wear with printed shorts, then your best response is the white tee. A truly timeless classic, it can provide the simple elegance that you are looking for.  What’s great about a white tee and printed shorts combination is that you can go crazy with the accessories!

A crisp white button-down shirt. This traditional fashion staple works with a lot of items – so it’s sure to look stunning with a pair of printed shorts. For best results, wear it with classic jewels, anFor the fall you can wear a pair of tights under your printed shorts.  They perfect for every season.

Printed shorts

T By Alexander Wang cami top
1 675 ZAR -

MANGO zipper shorts
290 ZAR -

Anine Bing black shoes
4 355 ZAR -

Crossbody purse
120 ZAR -

Round sunglasses
365 ZAR -

Sonix tech accessory
245 ZAR -

Trish McEvoy liquid eyeliner
730 ZAR -

Nail polish
235 ZAR -

With such a wide variety to choose from – geometric patterns, cute motifs, animal prints and even iron-on patches – patterned shorts may very well become your next fashion obsession. Just check out the street style inspiration below to Spice up your summer look and get inspired by some ideas to wear printed shorts...

Good luck and have fun!

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Part of the Band T-shirt styling


The Beatles (which I totally love), Led Zeppelin, Guns and Roses, RHCP, Ramones… and I could go on forever. This trend was huge in the 90s and the good thing is, that it is still trendy now and it can work perfectly well with a blazer.  Dress it up, dress it down, you can put a skirt with it, you can wear leggings with it, you can put a shirt under it, you can put a jacket over it, doesn’t really matter.

The more washed and distressed, the better. And if you’re lucky enough to find an old band tour shirt in your parents closet, you struck gold. Nothing screams rock chic more than a graphic top with your favourite band emblazoned across the front, but nothing can scream groupie more too. 

The aim is an effortless grunge vibe that can dress down even the smartest ensembles.  How can we say no to an Iron Maiden or Ramones tee when it looks so cool against tons of feminine statement blings, high heels and pencil skirts or skinny trousers?
Band T-shirt trend

White top
270 ZAR -

New Look distressed jeans
380 ZAR -

Aquazzura black ankle boots
12 215 ZAR -

Raymond Weil silver jewelry
19 825 ZAR -

Stainless steel earrings
555 ZAR -

Pieces beaded jewelry
265 ZAR -

Penmayne of London fedora hat
5 145 ZAR -

Round glasses
140 ZAR -

Lucky brand

New Look lip pencil
38 ZAR -

Nars cosmetic
285 ZAR -

Wall poster
570 ZAR -

Iron wall art
325 ZAR -

So take some inspiration from our street style stars on how to wear a band tee without looking totally tragic and try-hard in the process. 

This is one of those trends that is ridiculously simple to master, so there is no reason not to try it out this year.

I hope  you enjoyed this post and remember to stay awesome!

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