Blush and Lace - combination to try

If there’s one colour combination I love, it’s blush and lace. It’s not only perfect for this time of year, but blush looks good on every skin tone. It’s also classy and feminine.

Pairing blush and lace together is pretty easy. A white lace dress worn with a blush over coat or accessories is the easiest look to pull off, or try team up a blush maxi skirt or pants with a lace blouse, you could also wear blush lace with white accents. Your options are endless to the combinations you can rock with these to colours together. 

SHOP MY PICKSBlush and Lace

A L C long sleeve lace top
3 515 ZAR -

Lanvin flare maxi skirt
47 130 ZAR - (this skirt is a ridiculous price I know, but, by far the prettiest maxi skirt I have seen and it is from Lanvin :) 

Accessorize flat pumps
920 ZAR -

Kate Spade crossbody shoulder bag
7 160 ZAR -

Cara stone jewellery
355 ZAR -

Pink hair accessory
1 515 ZAR -

Kate Spade tech accessory
610 ZAR -

Chantecaille blush
920 ZAR -

Estée Lauder moisturizing lipstick
380 ZAR -

Victoria s Secret fragrance
705 ZAR -


Photo: Crazy Forus

Mila Kunis

Photo: Gal Meets Glam

Photo: Kiss me darling

Photo: Sunshine and Stilettos

Photo: Fashion Revo

Photo: Sheer Luxe

Photo: Atlantic-Pacific

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